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Our culture flows

We are on a mission to let the future flow; transforming consumers lives and work by providing ultrafast, flawless connectivity and transforming our employees lives by helping them to achieve their ambitions.
Here at The 4th Utility, we place people and productivity right at the heart of our business. We are driven but firmly believe in rewarding achievement and having fun.

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We live by our flow

We are guided by our values.

We pride ourselves on delivering next-generation connectivity that has the power to improve lives whilst creating the best possible working environment and growth opportunities for our brilliant colleagues.

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    Future Facing

    We are ambitious, driven to shape better futures

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    We have integrity, we care equally for each other and our customers

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    We are confident and don't take ourselves too seriously

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    We are assured in ourselves and our product, we problem-solve with creativity

Why we're here

We're here for anyone who believes that broadband is an essential utility - because it is. We're here to provide a faster, more enjoyable, all-round better alternative to what Big Broadband have been offering customers for years.

We believe it's time for change. Time for this internet loving nation to experience the same full-fibre joy that other countries such as Spain, Portugal and Japan, have been enjoying for some time.

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We think it's time to let the future flow.

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Why we're different

We believe ultrafast internet is a necessity, not a luxury.

We maintain and build our own networks which means we're not reliant on old technology: we use fibre optic cabling not telephone wires. We belong to a new breed of alternative networks which means we're not held back by old thinking.​

We are invested in the technological progress of the nation and we're doing our bit by delivering the future of broadband to our customers.

Our Team