The 4th Utility careers

Meet The Team

  • Tony Hughes
    Tony Hughes

  • Nicola Beamish
    Nicola Beamish
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jimmy Acton
    Jimmy Acton
    CTO/Network Director

  • Mark Cueto
    Mark Cueto
    Sales Director

  • Gary Withington
    Chief Sales Officer

  • Ian Handy
    Ian Handy
    Business Development

  • Steve Ankers
    Steve Ankers
    Delivery Director

  • Andy Roberts
    Andy Roberts
    Finance Manager

  • Mick Wade
    Mick Wade
    Head of Management Information

  • Lorraine Sinclair-Lawrence
    Lorraine Sinclair-Lawrence
    Head of Marketing

  • Lucy Thompson
    Lucy Thompson
    Customer Service

  • Megan Leamy
    Megan Leamy
    Customer Service

  • Roman Kudrjavcevs
    Roman Kudrjavcevs
    Sales Executive

  • Remaro Hibbert
    Sales Executive

  • Cameron Willan
    Cameron Willan
    Sales Executive

  • Gina Redman
    Sales Executive

  • Mustafa Iman
    Sales Executive

  • Simona Gallo
    Sales Executive

  • Hugo Gregory
    Sales Executive

  • April Okwaudi
    Sales Executive

  • Kevin Kennedy
    Internal Sales Executive

  • Jamel Bairsto
    Internal Sales Consultant

  • Sam Brahney
    Data Specialist

  • Georgina Casey
    Delivery Specialist

  • Rodney Edwards
    Network Architect

  • Charles Melo
    Network Support